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How Managing alone looks like!
  • co-written by Carlos Alberto Pinto Nogueira CA and Flavia Padoam

No one deliberately chooses to be a bad manager, we know that. People and companies thrive by predictability and order, though sometimes a little chaos arises and we have to deal with it. Let’s say you were really good at your job, got promoted as a manager and suddenly had a team to lead. In this transition, alongside all the new responsibility, you faced the need to learn management skills and used your own experiences to navigate this new area. …

If you want peace, prepare for war

Three steps to better control your future

If you are human, and chances are you are if reading this, you are the owner of one of the most powerful computers on Earth: your brain.

The human brain contains about 100 billion neurons and about a hundred trillion synapses. Each neuron can fire about 100 times a second. If we model the brain as a simple neural network, it would be equivalent to a machine requiring 1016 calculations per second and 1013 bits of memory. In the picture that illustrates this article, you will find the estimated capacity of your “computer” ranging in the area of “EFLOPS”! Anyway…

You only have one life to live! Make it count!

How to live a more fulfilled life

Think about the last time you felt thrilled and excited! Maybe you met somebody special, had a child, experienced different cultures, bought a home, etc.… Do you realize that those moments only happened because you had taken a risk or a kind of “leap of faith” into the future?

I would like to talk about my experiences to illustrate the point, but you can relate to your own stories.

Meeting somebody special

First of all, let me talk to you, “first-time sailors”: It will not be an easy journey. And it is nobody’s…

They are coming for your attention and your money.

Apparently, focus groups started back in the late 30s at Princeton University to understand the impact of war propaganda films. But it was not until the late 50s/early 60s when companies started to pay attention to them. They realized having a group of 5 to 10 people giving their opinion in a controlled environment will provide more precise insights into what consumers were looking for. Therefore, they could learn how to make their products more appealing!

Fast forward until today, and you will find algorithms! What are they? Which was the…

How to survive in a world without debate?!

In the first part, we talked about how opinions started to be assigned to groups and that those opinions can not be debatable. Let’s now review the issues if that state of things is extended for too long.

First problem: groups! We, as individuals, are unique. Sure, you may identify with many groups of people, but if you list ALL your traits, preferences, etc.… it is 100% certain you will be in a group of ONE!

So this “grouping” thing is destined for failure. People of power (media, politicians, billionaires, etc.…) keep…

Time x Effort = Reward

Due to the nature of my job, I am usually in touch with many people from different age groups. Those talkings also are pretty much with people geographically spread all over the world. And of course, I have been doing that professionally for over 40 years. If there is one question that everybody seems to always be answered is: “what should I do to succeed?”

For sure, success has different meanings for different people. …

Emperor “Dog” Palpatine

What is gonna happen in a 🌍 where ideas couldn’t be different

I used to have an opinion about everything! If you are over 25/30 years old, you may even remember those days! You could have a different idea about something, and still, your family, your spouse, your friends, and even your colleagues at work would respect it, discussed it in a friendly way, and life will move on!

Those were the times that corporations did business, celebrities were just doing their singing, dancing, acting, or whatever they become a celebrity for, and sports players will play their games! With…

Co-written by CA and Rony Neri

  • A brief thought about challenge and opportunity!
  • How last year’s lockdowns gave us a chance to re-think the relationship between individuals and companies!

There are many new theories flying around about how, when, and who should return to the office! Multiple companies and consultants take their chance and come up with suggestions to address issues like:

  • Potential for people to feel socially and professionally isolated, losing the community sense.
  • Innovation dropping as collaboration deteriorates.
  • Problems with task accumulation and difficulty meeting deadlines.
  • Screen burnout, postural pains, and repetitive strain injuries.
  • Work regulatory compliance for…


Free thinker, engineer, composer and musician with +40 years in corporate 🌍

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