I Don’t Fear!

2 min readApr 9, 2023
Guimarães’ Castle — Portugal 🇵🇹

I don’t fear a simple life routine

I fear not paying attention to the shore

’cause I always believe in finding the new mean

In the path, I walked before

I don't fear being too slow

I fear going too fast

not enjoying the flow

what will make me regret

I don’t fear being skeptical

I fear stopping inquiring

and being too receptacle

to whatever they are requiring

I don’t fear being alone

I fear in an identity group being caught,

When opinions are assigned to me

as if I couldn’t have my own thought

I don’t fear being in the dark

I fear too much light

impairing and making me visionless

or even curbing my sight

I don’t fear being concise

I fear talking too much

Not to learn from the wise

what will keep my mind in a crutch

I don’t fear being sad

I fear ignoring the unfairness




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